RTranscenders are modules based on Field Programmable Analogical Arrays (FPAA) hardware.

RTs main aim is to support basic quantum algorithms as Quantum Fourier Transform (Direct and Inverse), Arithmetic operation over Qubits (Addition, Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation and modular equivalents) and high-level functionality as Factorization, Discrete Logarithm and other quantum algorithms.

The goal is to solve computing capacity limitations of binary systems, there where the volume of information to be processed exceed the calculation capacity of existing processors.  Among others, RT will allow a new concept of Blockchain based upon Holo-Networks (HN) via Quantum Measurement (QM)


Initially, RTranscender will be based on Custom FPAAs platform combined with digital microprocessors or FPGAs

RTs will run under RQuanTech Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio that includes a unique combination of soft and hardened IP cores for FPAAs along with reference designs to complement RTs application’s performance and IP strategy. On top third parties selection of development kits give final user the flexibility to test multiple types of mixed RTs and other third parties IP cores using a single board.

We will provide to clients dynamically generated design examples that use RT custom IP configuration and create an out-of-the-box hardware test platform to enable functionality and performance verification on hardware.

Quantum Algorithms


  • Finance
    • Profitability analysis
    • Risk management
    • Optimisation of Monte Carlo simulations
  • Health / Pharma
    • Protein unfolding
      • Analysis of cause and prevention of cell death in diseases like diabetes, cáncer and neuro degenerative diseases (Hungtinton, Parkinson, etc)
    • Development of new drugs
    • Replacement of the trial/error system for drug trials
  • Cybersecurity / Military
    • Encryption and de-encryption procedures
    • Cyber threats detection and prevention
  • Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Voice, image and hand-writing recognition
  • Meteorology & seismology
    • Advanced predictive analysis
    • Early alert for natural catastrophes
  • System Fault Simulation
    • Circuit, software and error detection
  • Computational chemistry
    • Replacement of the Haber process for the use of ammonia in the fertilizers production
    • Materials for operational superconductors at room temperature
    • Carbon capture catalysts
  • Automotive
    • Engine management
    • Active/passive security systems
  • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Aeronautics
    • Sports
    • Simulation
  • Logistics & planning
    • Air and maritime traffic management